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HMW Tournament:The Silent Night


Heavy Metal War is SEIBERTRON.COMs online battle between good and evil. Choose your side, create a team of soldiers and join in the ongoing war against the heroic Autobots or evil Decepticons. HMW can be played whilst you are surfing Serbertron.com, and is a low-fi but highly addictive game with hundreds of players globally.
If you are interested in joining in the war, come visit the community here or pick your faction and dive right in.

The Silent Night - 22 December 2011 to 2 January 2012

This is

making a profit out of a crisis.

Premiering tonight with your hosts, Nemesis Wheelie and Zombie Cheerleader!!

- Good evening, I am Nemesis Wheelie.

- And I'm Zombie Cheerleader and you are tuned to WPNN. Tonight we will be hearing from Intelligence officers from both factions on brand new developments within the war and how they will affect commanders in the battlefield. We now take you live to Autobot security commander Prowl briefing his security teams...Quote:

...called a Neural Utility Transfer System. Perceptor and Wheeljack both claim that this could be the turning point in the war. Applying it to the cortex of a stasis-locked enemy will allow us to download, decrypt and collate enemy tactical data as its disseminated to the troops, and its hypothesised that if we can capture enough of a commanders troops we can neutralise that commanders effectiveness for a short period. These will be issued to the front-line troops and using the confusion over the Decahex Mine-4 explosion we can live-test these units as soon as possible. This should allow us to press the advan... Wait! What's that? Red Alert, get in here!! You said we were on a secure cha*BZZZZT*
- *Ahem* We appear to have lost the feed there, so we pass you across to Starscream, Chief of [strike]pizza delivery[/strike] Operations of the Decepticons for this statement...Quote:
Decepticon drones, did the Autobots really think that they can develop a weapon that reads our minds and we would not know about it? I have created my own prototype that you will also test. You have the next 10 mega cycles to report for upgrading where you will prepare to hunt down teams of Autobot weaklings and test these devices and report back to Soundwave. We shall take these fool own device and turn it upon them, giving us the advantage in this war and finally showing Megatron that I, Starscream, should be the rightful lea*BZZZZZ*
- And he's off again...

- So, what does this mean for the commanders in this war, Zombi?

- We have no idea Wheelie, but and as long as we sell more guns we couldn't give a crap. If you want to find out more though, head over to the HMW barracks and join in, you have until the 19th December.

-Well that's all we've got time for and I've got a hot fembot waiting in my trailer, so Goodnight minions!

Combaticon Galleries: Crossfire Explorer!


You've been waiting for it, and now it's coming! Redimus brings you the first of of our FansProject Crossfire 02 galleries, "Explorer" (aka Blast Off)!
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Combaticon Galleries: Universe Bruticus Maximus.


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Classics Tankor Review and Gallery!


Archanubis and Redimus bing us a double whammy of Review and Gallery for the turncoat that is Classics Tankor.
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New review of Beast Wars Cybershark!


Archanubis has posted a review of Beast Wars 'Cybershark'.
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New gallery of Justitoy's Shockwave!


Redimus has posted a new gallery of Justitoy's World's Smallest Robot 'Military Operations Commander' (aka WST Shockwave).
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New review of Universe 2.0 Prowl!


Archanubis has posted a review of Universe 2.0 'Prowl'.
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Crappy stop motion Animation!


Redimus has created some rubbish called 'Tranimation'.
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